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Orgasmic Breathing is a simple practice to awaken the inner subtle energies which will take you to new orgasmic dimensions. From healing of old wounds to cosmic bliss

Orgasmic Breathing is a tantric practice developed to create more intimacy in our lives. With ourselves and others. It's a special breathing which awakens the sexual force within. It's a way to embrace who we are, our sexuality, lust and desires without judgement and limitations. To fully allow our sexual energy to flourish and merge into cosmos. Orgasmic Breathing is a journey that takes you into new realms of orgasmic ecstasy and expanded awareness. As our energy system opens up and the sexual energy expands up through the spine we start to experience energy orgasms and bliss, to name a few. It's a natural state that brings forth more fun and greater joy in our lives. We become more connected, creative and alive. Orgasmic breathing can be done alone, in groups and with partners. 


Benefits of Orgasmic Breathing

· Opening of the heart – Feeling unconditional love and loved
· Healing of emotional or physical pain/trauma
· Increased level of pleasure in your life and boosted sexuality
· Clarity on your life path – Including visions & insights
· Experience Oneness with everything that is
· Expanded states of energy – with tingling sensations up through your spine and into all the cells of your body
· Transcendental experiences
· And of course, orgasmic cosmic bliss :-) 



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Become free of pain, and experience cosmic bliss.