Orgasmic Breathing Experience

Kelsey is sharing her first time experience with Orgasmic Breathing. Her story is not uncommon. Except the pain story is different from one to another. And same for all the pain not full experienced hold us back from experiencing life fully.  Most people are experiencing emotional clearing in their first orgasmic breathing session before it leads to more orgasmic states.

"Yay that was crazy. I didn't know what to expect. But it was amazing. It was a complete journey. A full on adventure. I had the sensation that i couldn't move. So it started kind of in my fingers and toes. As the session went on it just came over. It was literally my whole body.
And at one point – well a couple of points I was mad. Because I felt like i couldn't move. I literally could not move. It felt like if I were somewhere else. And my body was just laying there.  But. I gave into it. I accepted it. It was all tingly too. I felt angry pretty much the whole time. The breathing was amazing. That was really important. There was a point where I felt relaxed and things were okay. And that was the point I wasn't really aware of anything. I was just being. Which is amazing because i'm the type of person that my mind is always running 24/7 and my anxiety is always there. So that was just amazing to just be. And just from that i feel much more centered, and grounded and calm and just like connected with myself and my voice. Because i was breathing from the lowest point you can. So that brings everything out I guess.
I was overwhelmed with emotions. And i just started crying. At first I didn't know why. And I didn't want to. But then I told myself it's okay Kelsey. You will be fine. And saying that to myself made it okay. So I started crying. And that was a journey. 
I was still even after session, i was still mad. And cooling down. I was still in that angry state an crying. But i had a love one pass away. And it was really really traumatic for me. I was there to witness it. I connected it and knew why it was coming up. Which was nice to kind of consciously be aware of why I was crying. I made that connection. I guess he made an appearance of you believe in that. So i had a moment. It was good. And then I was happy. That whole scene from the past in my life. I didn't replay in my mind. But it brought back the memory. 
Yay. It's crazy. It's my first session. It's transformational. Even though it's my first session. I feel completely different than before I did the session. I have trust now. That it's okay. That you will be okay. Because it's just yourself. You will survive. Yay go through it, it's amazing"