Urban Spirit is intensely excited to welcome Satya Andersen, founder of Orgasmic Breathing - using breathwork as a tantric practice to activate the body's natural love drug, deeper levels of intimacy, and a more sensual side of yourself.


Are you feeling bored about your sex life? Feeling that there is something missing? An urge inside of you longing for a deeper connection with your beloved one? A longing for something more. Curious about kundalini tantra and expanded states of consciousness? Maybe your sex life is not working at all and you are searching for new ways to spice up your sex life. Being in a relationship can be challenging but also a great opportunity to learn.


You will learn orgasmic breathing as thought by Satya for more conscious love making. A form of Kundalini Tantra. Where we will explore how we can achieve expanded states of awareness and deeper union on all levels together! Both sexually, heart-to-heart explosions, to transcendental psychic experiences and much more. Orgasmic breathing will help open you both up and taking your intimacy to a new level.

Energetic union can connect you together as a couple to a much deeper and profound state. Bringing yogic states into the bedroom. You will feel very aroushed, sexual, more attractive, confident and intouch with something deeper. Sex will become very enriching and giving on multiple levels. As you create a stronger intimate union between the two of you, you will naturally also create a much stronger, loving & enriching relationship. It will be very giving and transformative. We will explore and experience various orgasmic breathing practices (with cloth on). How this can be practiced, and how you can practice this further at home.

It's recommended to attend the Orgasmic Breahting (group experience) earlier on the day (see event below). It will help to purify the pain body, make you more self-confident with your sexuality AND boost your orgasmic energy body. This will make it easier to share deeper states together.

The event is hosted by Satya, the founder of Orgasmic Breathing.

Bring your partner, or somebody you feel close enough that you want would like to explore these techniques together. Doesn’t have to be opposite genders.

When: Sunday 6th March - 3pm - 5pm
Investment: $60

Orgasmic Breathing (group experience) sunday 6th March https://www.facebook.com/events/985298678238067/

After having studied multiple traditions of therapy over the last decade, given tons of treatments and experimented with esoteric styles of treatments. I came to discover that there was something beyond what i thought i knew. It seemed like new realities could appear and unfold when you fully believed in it. I played with various forms of energy, and saw how it was possible to still peoples mind through touch. Not only that. It was possible to move them completely out of their mind, into complete surrender. Becoming fully present in the present moment. Beyond the mind, where the body would take over the movement of the body. Left with a state of bliss.

I saw how people could go beyond depression, worries, anxiety and psychological fear which all are created within the mind. People who had suffered and feared for too long, suddenly got liberated.

I have seen thousands of people being transformed from suffering states into what we call awakening. A place where you suddenly wake up, to a much more peaceful world. When you become declucthed from the mind. Where there is no me. Life becomes more simple, peaceful and yet new. You start to experience unconditional love. You become one with the surroundings. The me slowly disappears and yet you start to feel more alive like never before. Sensations becomes stronger. You start to let go of the past, being more present. You start to listen without judgement or thought disturbance. And you experience bliss and causeless joy without reason. Nothing to get out of the moment. There just is. This is all signs of awakening. As we awake, we start to undergo a transformation phase. Now when we see, we need to let go of the burdens from the past.

"My experience with Satya's group Orgasmic Breathing session was totally wild. The mere idea of doing something "orgasmic" in a group was something so far out of my comfort zone, but friends convinced me to give it a try, and I'm SO eternally grateful that I did.

Satya is a truly authentic, grounded, knowledgable master, and a beautiful human being. I felt so safe and so held, and I could trust him completely. I felt as though I was in such a clear space of non-judgment, and I experienced incredible liberation throughout my body and my mind. I discovered myself as a sensual, sexual being, and was able to release huge amounts of shame around sexuality that I had been holding onto for many years. Thank you Satya, for helping me to rediscover the joy and the play and the pleasure available to me, and for making it safe enough for me to do explore and to be free." - Jess, Co-Founder at Urban Spirit

Satya is also available for private sessions during the week. Private sessions are approximately 2 hours long.
Please Whatsapp Jess at 91033994 to book a session or email jess@urbanspirit.asia

Private Sessions are available for the following:
- 1-on-1 clearings.. to clear traumas, pain etc.
- 1-on-1 Orgasmic Breathing
- Guidance on Orgasmic Breathing for initiated couples

To read more about Satya and Orgasmic Breathing see: http://orgasmicbreathing.com/

Video: https://youtu.be/feiyj6rHJ_I

Wear whatever is comfortable and makes you feel orgasmic.