A Tantric Path to Bliss

Orgasmic breathing is a method to bring forth inner bliss in you and your relationship. It’s a powerful tantric ritual based on yogic principles of sacred sexuality, breathing and energy practice



Tantra training courses to awaken orgasmic bliss and cosmic orgasms. Through the practice of breathing, intimacy and energy.

Orgasmic Breathing is a method to awaken the inner subtle energies for couples. Together you will expand your awareness, and explore new levels of pleasure. Experiencing new realities opening up, as you awaken together. Bringing together spirituality and sexuality into divine union of man and women.

Orgasmic Breathing is a tantric practice developed to create more intimacy in our lives. With ourselves and others. It's a special breathing which awakens the sexual force within. It's a way to embrace who we are, our sexuality, lust and desires without judgement and limitations. To fully allow our sexual energy to flourish and merge into cosmos. Orgasmic Breathing is a journey that takes you into new realms of orgasmic ecstasy and expanded awareness. As our energy system opens up and the sexual energy expands up through the spine we start to experience energy orgasms and bliss, to name a few. It's a natural state that brings forth more fun and greater joy in our lives. We become more connected, creative and alive. Orgasmic Breathing can be done alone, in groups and with a partner. 


What you will learn in this course

This course is for both men, women and ideally couples who wants to find to explore deeper intimacy through orgasmic breathing

  •  The fundamentals of orgasmic breathing  
  •  How breathing can be used to achieve altered states of consciousness and reveal your divine being
  •  Yogic breathing for super wild blissful orgasms & arousal
  •  Purification & sexual healing of any negative conditioning around sexuality like shame, guilt, fear, numbness
  •  How to cultivate & circulate sexual energy
  •  How to open up your energy pathways for greater sensation
  •  How to meet your partner from a deeper place within
  •  How to utilise sexual energy to vitalise yourself & what not to
  •  How to build up energy for more intense and longer orgasms
  •  What energy orgasms is and how to achieve them
  •  How to have a more fulfilling sexual relationship for both
  •  How to setup a sacred space & tantric practice

Benefits of Practising Orgasmic Breathing


As a Couple

✔️  Cultivating a Sacred Relationship

✔️  Increased fulfilment sexually and as couple

✔️  Growing together into awakened states

✔️  Sharing spiritual experiences together

✔️  Increased sexuality, better orgasms and orgasmic bliss


✔️  Orgasmic Bliss & Transcendental Experiences

✔️  Increased Sexual Energy and Pleasure.

✔️  Heart Expansion & Self-love

✔️  Increased Sensitivity & Awakened Senses

✔️  Clarity and Spiritual Visions

✔️  Life Synchronicity



Orgasmic breathing was unexpectedly deep and amazing

As you can imagine, when all thoughts disappears. There is no longer any worries, or pain. Just a state of being so deep and profound that you have become One with life itself. You experiences bliss pulsating through your whole being. Your cells are vibrating. Your sexuality make you vivid awake and wild. You receive spiritual visions and outer of body orgasmic experiences. Then it's hard to leave without having been profoundly touched