Learn Orgasmic Breathing

Learn how simple practices can help you achieve greater intimacy with your partner, experience cosmic energy orgasms & combine spirituality with sexuality. The Learn Orgasmic Breathing course comes in two forms. As a 2 days workshop, or as a 6 week online video based training program.

The online course can be taken at your own pace. It includes step by step instructions on how you can create a sacred tantric practice at home. To cultivate deeper intimacy, amazing love and inner bliss.

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A 6 Weeks Online Tantra Mastery Program. A path to Bliss & Enlightened Sex with Orgasmic Breathing.


What you will learn in this course

This course is for both men, women and ideally couples who wants to discover deeper intimacy and orgasmic bliss

  •  The fundamentals of orgasmic breathing  
  •  How breathing can be used to achieve altered states of consciousness and reveal your divine nature
  •  Yogic breathing for super wild blissful orgasms & arousal
  •  Purification and healing of any negative conditioning around sexuality such as shame, guilt, fear, numbness and lack of arousal or orgasms
  •  How to cultivate & circulate sexual energy
  •  How to open up your energy pathways for greater sensation
  •  How to meet your partner from a deeper state within
  •  How to utilise sexual energy to vitalise yourself & what not to
  •  How to build up energy for more intense and longer orgasms
  •  What energy orgasms is and how to achieve them
  •  How to have a more fulfilling sexual relationship for both
  •  How to setup a sacred space & tantric practice





Meet your Instructor

Hey, my name is Satya. After having studied multiple traditions of therapy over the last decade, given tons of treatments and experimented with esoteric styles of treatments. I came to discover that there was something beyond what i thought i knew. It seemed like new realities could appear and unfold when you fully tapped into the field. I saw how it was possible to still peoples mind through subtle touch. Not only that. It was possible to move them out of their mind, into complete surrender. Becoming fully present in the present moment. Beyond the mind, where the body would take over the movement of the body. Later I came to discover I could move people into orgasmic bliss.. 

A personal journey went on through meditation, love making and practice to find the best way in cultivating orgasmic bliss. And how could I share this in the most effective way. My discoveries are compiled into the learn orgasmic breathing course. So you too, can discover what I have learned on my way.



Benefits of Orgasmic Breathing


✔️  Orgasmic bliss & transcendental transformation

✔️  Increased sexual energy and pleasure

✔️  Heart expansion & self-love

✔️  Increased sensitivity & awakened senses

✔️  Clarity and spiritual visions

✔️  Life synchronicity


✔️  Cultivation of a sacred relationship

✔️  Increased fulfilment, sexually and as couple

✔️  Growing together into awakened states

✔️  Sharing of spiritual experiences together

✔️  Increased sexuality, better orgasms and orgasmic bliss


Orgasmic breathing was unexpectedly deep and amazing
— Adriana N.

As you can imagine, when all thoughts disappear. When there are no longer worries nor pain. Just a state of being so deep and profound that you have become One with life itself. You experience bliss pulsating through your whole being. Your cells are vibrating. Your sexuality makes you vividly awaken and wild. You receive spiritual visions and out of body orgasmic experiences. Then it's hard to leave without having been profoundly transformed.



✔️ Life-long access to the video course + audio files
✔️ Learn at your own pace
✔️ 30 day money back guarantee