Live Classes for Inner Bliss

Do you want to dive deeper into your practice. To integrate the art of Orgasmic Breathing. To let go of all your burdens. To set your breath and spirit free. To uplift your state of being. To purify your energy channels and awaken your inner bliss? 

The live classes is offering exactly that. It's a way you can join a practice together with Satya, anywhere in the world by with bi-weekly online live classes.


Orgasmic Breathing Live Classes are online classes, which you can access from home, or while traveling. It works with modern smartphones, tablets and computers/laptops. It's recommended to call in with video and audio so the teacher can see you.

The Teacher will guide you just like if you were attending a yoga class . Certain classes (inner journeys) is perfect done lying down in your bed. Other classes like Pranayama, Meditation and Sadhana classes is best done on a yoga mat with space around you.

Types of classes
Foundation: Breathing Basics – Awaken your Breath
Inner Journey: Boost your energy levels and awaken your inner bliss


  • Monthly membership $25/mo
  • Annual subscription $249/year (You get 2 months for free)

* No signup fees and no bindings. Unsubscribe at anytime

Schedule March, 2018


Wednesday, 14th Mar · Inner Journey
Copenhagen (UTC+1) @7 PM  // San Francisco (UTC-8) @10 AM

Wednesday, 21th Mar · Foundation
Copenhagen (UTC+1) @7 PM  // San Francisco (UTC-8) @10 AM

Wednesday, 28th Mar · Inner Journey
Copenhagen (UTC+1) @7 PM  // San Francisco (UTC-8) @10 AM