I have seen thousands of people being transformed from suffering states into what we call awakening. A place where you suddenly wake up, to a much more peaceful world. When you become declucthed from the mind. Where there is no me. Life becomes more simple, peaceful and yet new. You start to experience unconditional love. You become one with the surroundings. The me slowly disappears and yet you start to feel more alive like never before. Sensations becomes stronger. You start to let go of the past, being more present. You start to listen without judgement or thought disturbance. And you experience bliss and causeless joy without reason. Nothing to get out of the moment. There just is. This is all signs of awakening. As we awake, we start to undergo a transformation phase. Now when we see, we need to let go of the burdens from the past

After having studied multiple traditions of therapy over the last decade, given tons of treatments and experimented with esoteric styles of treatments. I came to discover that there was something beyond what i thought i knew. It seemed like new realities could appear and unfold when you fully believed in it. I played with various forms of energy, and saw how it was possible to still peoples mind through touch. Not only that. It was possible to move them completely out of their mind, into complete surrender. Becoming fully present in the present moment. Beyond the mind, where the body would take over the movement of the body. Left with a state of bliss.

I saw how people could go beyond depression, worries, anxiety and psychological fear which all are created within the mind. People who had suffered and feared for too long, suddenly got liberated.