Awaken to Inner Bliss

Be free of limitations and experience Orgasmic Bliss

An opportunity to work directly with Satya. 

I'm here to help you to experience Inner Bliss. To speed-up your awakening and inner transformation process. From healing of deep traumas and emotional pain; towards experiencing the most beautiful blissful states. I'm here to tell you if you are ready for more. To break free. To feel alive, to love, to feel sensual, to breath fully, to have deeper orgasms, to connect with spirit.. to live. Then I'm right here, to support your journey.  I can guide you through a process of purification to remove the hindrances in your life into awakened expanded states. After years of inner alchemy, studies, and experience. I have created a unique and fast forward tantric awakening modality. I use my intuition, energy channeling, breathing, bodywork and yogic psychology. Helping you to step into your awakened potential. Whether that is as a couple, or individually.

See three women having there first 1-hour session with Satya on Adina Rivers show. Watched by over 4.5 Million


The Programs

I can help you WITH

  • Awakening of your sacred sexual energy to full body orgasms
  • Achieving Inner Bliss, Energy Orgasms, Cosmic Orgasms and Tantric Union
  • Purification of your chakras and awaken your Kundalini 
  • Attracting more of what you want and who you want to be
  • Finding balance, peace, and love within
  • Shine your beauty, and expand your energy system
  • Grounding, letting go of fear and judgment
  • Returning to your Self, and union with your Higher Self
  • Letting go of what no longer serves you
  • To prepare you for what to come, and being a better leader
  • To prepare you for new birth (child)

1-on-1 programs

Take yourself on an accelerated journey of awakening and transformation. Overcome and heal the wounds blocking you from living the life you desire.  We will utilize clearing, breathing, guidance, with sensual activation and energy activation of the chakras. It's a deeply transformative journey; coming back to yourself.

  • Awakening to Inner Bliss: Your journey into bliss. Shifting key blockages in your life and awaken your sexuality to bliss. This program usually takes 5 or more sessions. Donation: $1K – $5K*
  • Accelerated Transformation: Great for healing deep wounds and traumas. This program usually takes min 3 sessions for a full clearing and life integration. Donation: $750 – 3K*
  • Single sessions: Donation: $200 – 1.800 session*

*All prices are based on a suggested donation – giving everyone an opportunity to work with Satya, and to shift their lives πŸ™



A very effective method of releasing stuck energy developed by Satya. Clearings bring awareness to your pain body. Through experiencing this pain, the pain will dissolve and your energy will start to flow again. It's a very direct and fast path of transformation, and to heal deep trauma. This therapy can be very emotional and physically intense. You will probably feel like hell at times! It's only momentary and highly recommended if you are ready. The body can be sore for days afterward.

Great for getting energy moving, releasing pain, healing traumas and shifting state-of-being.

Orgasmic Breathing Journey

Take yourself on a blissful journey through the inner realms of yourself.  We will utilize breathing, with sensual activation and energy work to take you into a trance-like state of orgasmic bliss. You might experience colors, visions, bliss, joy, orgasms. It's good for both releasing stuck energy while taking you into more expanded energy states. 

How it works


Each session within its frame is always evolving from the present moment. Therefore there are never two similar treatments – as it's unfolding from the present moment. It's all about you, and where you are at, in this moment. Are you ready to take the leap and live a more enriching life? To be free? 

Phase 1 Clearings: I developed a very effective method of releasing stuck energy by bringing your awareness to the pain body – I named this Clearings. Through experiencing this pain, the pain will dissolve and your energy will start to flow again. It's a very direct and fast path of transformation, and to heal deep trauma. This therapy can be very emotional & physical intense, and you would probably feel like hell at times! It's only momentary and highly recommended if you are ready. The body can be sore for days afterward.

Phase 2 Into Orgasmic Bliss: As you are letting go, and the more dense energy blockages have been cleared. Then we will start to work on the more subtle energy fields, opening up your chakras – activating your sexual energy. To get your kundalini freely flowing. Here you will start to experience energy orgasms, and how your life is changing on a more profound way. Life synchronicity is happening. You are flowing with life.

Note on durations: Sessions are not focused on time, but about You. Therefore, do take your time for each session and especially afterward. It might require some time to process and rest. This is usually most needed for the first session. Healing deep traumas can take more than the estimated time and we will continue until it's complete.

What will happen

  • Tingling sensations up through your spine and throughout your body
  • Experience profound orgasmic states without touch
  • Expanded awareness and finding deeper stages of peace within
  • Increased level of pleasure in your life and boosted sexuality
  • Opening of the major energy centers and pathways in your body
  • Opening of the heart. Feeling love and loved.
  • Opening of the third-eye to physic abilities and intuition
  • Helping you to find the right partner, by releasing past relationship conditionings
  • Letting go to complete surrender and trust
  • Releasing trauma and unhealthy belief patterns
  • Releasing emotional charges. Like sadness, fear, anger, frustrations, anxiety, abandonment, worries etc.
  • Living a more orgasmic blissful life
  • Increased health, as the body starts to function more optimal. Diseases start to disappear as our immune system improves.
  • Transmutation of pain. Notice that most pain exists to tell us about an internal condition (emotional pain). By making these areas more conscious, the pain will disappear.


I hope this might serve others to become familiar and feel held in the process to awakening beyond limits and limitations even of what we believe is possible. Back to the Essence of what all is. I am at peace with whatever judgment have been, is and will be. I know the intention, experience and benefits of this work is deeply valuable and I could not recommend it more. I especially recommend to experience it with Satya, a man of deep integrity, wisdom and pure love
— Simona Siclari
I had two sessions with Satya’s guidance and I released so much stuck emotion from my body that I feel completely different. The most powerful sessions I have ever done!
— Rosie Maria Love
My experience with orgasmic breathing was unexpectedly deep and amazing. I came very openly for the session without knowing what could happen. Satya with his magic hands released spot by spot of my body, liberating knots, tensions and old blockages. I experienced all sorts of feelings... happiness, sadness, anger, relaxation, bliss... and many other sensations that can’t be expressed by words. I felt completely light and liberated after the session. A beautiful sensation of awakening of the cells of my body. And energy is now flowing much easier without much barriers. I recommend this session to the ones who wants liberate tension and learn more about themselves.
— Dri N.