Learn how simple practices can bring forth cosmic felt super orgasms. How to create a daily tantra practice that fuels your life with new enriching orgasmic states.

Workshop: Learn orgasmic breathing – Manchester, UK – 15&16th JULY

Imagine there is a way to ignite your sexual fire so strongly that it will make you vibrate from inside out. A force that will take you into new expanded states of consciousness. Places where you become one with your partner. Where your presence completely penetrate your partner with so much love and intensity it's almost unbearable – journeying further into united cosmic orgasmic states. Where intimacy becomes a divine dance. Unfolding so deep and magical that you lose track of time and space. Where there is no thoughts, shame, objectives or doing. A state of complete being, together. Merging in and out. Energy unfolding naturally. Free flowing of energy, expanding, circulating with such intensity you feel new layers of yourself you had forgotten.

The Orgasmic Breathing method is a very powerful tantra practice. Which will invoke that sparkling fire within. It's a very health beneficial practice, as it raises our awareness, energy levels while also oxygenating our entire body. It fuels you with love hormones and vibration in every cell of your body. And while practiced long term improve your inner well-being, level of intimacy, awareness and orgasmic state.

Not just that. It will bring forth crazy, wild, shivering, cosmic energy orgasms! 

Orgasmic Breathing is a tantric practice developed to create more intimacy in our lives. The "Learn Orgasmic Breathing" workshop is a introduction deep-dive where you will learn all you need to established a tantric orgasmic breathing practice with your partner.

With the focus on expanding our energy field into new dimensions while also becoming more familiar with underlying sensations – and sexual life-force. It's a journey that takes you into new realms of orgasmic bliss and expanded awareness. As our energy system opens up, the sexual force expands into bliss. It's a natural state that brings forth more fun and greater joy in our lives. We become more connected, creative and alive. After the workshop you will be able to practice the orgasmic breathing techniques learned at the workshop alone or with a partner. Both individuals and couples are welcome.


What you will learn/Experience

 · Initiation to the Orgasmic Breathing method
 · The many benefits of Orgasmic Breathing and how breathing can be used to achieve super orgasms
 · Healing of inner wounds & conditions that no longer serves your orgasmic being
 · How to open up your energy pathways for greater sensation
 · How to cultivate & circulate sexual energy throughout your body and into your brain
 · How to meet your partner from a deeper place within
 · How to utilise sexual energy to vitalise yourself (and what not to)
 · How to build up energy for more intense and longer orgasms
 · What energy orgasms is and how to achieve them
 · How to have a more fulfilling sexual relationship for both
 · How to create a safe container & sacred space
 · Guidance on establishing a daily tantric practice

We will be practising both individual inner journeys, as well as partner exercises during the workshop. It's highly recommended you bring a partner you trust, ideally your loved one. Expect a lot of orgasmic breathing combined with meditation, movement, talks and deeply felt transformative experiences – and of course lots of orgasmic fun :-)


Energy orgasms is something very natural. It might look scary at first if you never have experienced or seen this before. But it's something that is available to everyone. The experience of these can be many, as it takes us through more expanded awareness. There is usually felt a tingling energy flowing through the whole body. Into the hands, head and feets. You can tap into a void of emptiness and pure silence. Where the mind fully stops thinking, there is no one there. A void which seems to have all the answers and where you start to see things you might not usually see. An opening of the heart that is so massive that you feel love to everyone. And much more :-) 

Benefits of Orgasmic Breathing

· Increased level of pleasure in your life and boosted sexuality
· Opening of the heart – Feeling unconditional love and loved
· Healing of emotional or physical pain/trauma
· Clarity on your life path – Including visions & insights
· Experience Oneness with everything that is
· Expanded states of energy – with tingling sensations up through your spine and into all the cells of your body
· Transcendental experiences and of course, orgasmic bliss :-) 


Orgasmic breathing is very strong and transformative practice. It will naturally open up unconscious patterns and stuck energy when done right. This might be released as strong crying, screaming, laughter, anger, sadness coming out in the beginning. And is very transformative and healing! It's a true blessing to let go of these past hurts and will free up a lot of energy. Doing so will help one to go into even deeper states of being – allowing one to fully explore our full potential


"My experience with Satya's group Orgasmic Breathing session was totally wild. The mere idea of doing something "orgasmic" in a group was something so far out of my comfort zone, but friends convinced me to give it a try, and I'm SO eternally grateful that I did.

Satya is a truly authentic, grounded, knowledgable master, and a beautiful human being. I felt so safe and so held, and I could trust him completely. I felt as though I was in such a clear space of non-judgment, and I experienced incredible liberation throughout my body and my mind. I discovered myself as a sensual, sexual being, and was able to release huge amounts of shame around sexuality that I had been holding onto for many years. Thank you Satya, for helping me to rediscover the joy and the play and the pleasure available to me, and for making it safe enough for me to do explore and to be free.
" - Jess, Co-Founder at Urban Spirit


Satya is available for private sessions during the week. Private sessions are approximately 2 hours long. To read more about Satya and Orgasmic Breathing see: http://orgasmicbreathing.com/

Private Sessions are available for the following: 
- 1-on-1 clearings.. to clear traumas, pain etc.
- 1-on-1 Orgasmic Breathing
- Guidance on Orgasmic Breathing for initiated couples


There will be served water and small refreshments (lunch not included)
Wear whatever is comfortable and makes you feel orgasmic

When: Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of July 11:00pm - 18:00pm
Where: Manchester Yoga Central, Victoria Warehouse, Trafford Wharf Road, Stretford, Manchester M17 1AB
Investment: Early-bird: 399USD (3 weeks before) // Regular: 459USD // Couples: 666USD

Please use the booking link (see tickets) to reserve your spot. We have limited space to max 30 (16 pairs).

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